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Executive Dashboards

Stay in control of your business with your own tailored strategic dashboard. Endorphinz.AI provides the best real time at-a-glance visibility into your business performance across all units and projects. Our powerful technology translates your metrics enabling you to realize opportunities for improvement and expansion.

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Data Orchestrations

Our data orchestration tool brings speed and agility to big data and reduces costs by breaking down data silos in real time. It organizes, transforms and activates data simultaneously, making analysis quicker. You achieve higher business intelligence and analytics maturity with Endorphinz.AI.

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Business Intelligence

EndorphinzAI powers business intelligence with an agile platform that modernizes data to solve problems and improve operations. You can extract and unify data, resulting in superior insights that perform in concert to deliver a clear vision of your content streaming potential.

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KPI Predictions

KPI predictions are critical to achieving success and measuring achievements. Our KPI predictive technology makes tracking and forecasting your KPIs simple. Endorphinz.AI’s SMART learning algorithms applied to your data empower you to track your consumption, social, lead gen and sales progress. You predict the future, achieve your goals and drive ROI.

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AI Recommendations

Our AI-driven platform uses machine learning algorithms to capture, organize and deliver flawless data. This data translates into actionable recommendations that arm companies with the information they need to make tactical and strategic business decisions. You activate, operate and manage your own data, or you can enlist our SMART team to manage it for you.

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Work-Flow Automations

Business integration depends on connecting systems to power data flow and organize work. EndorphinzAI provides integrated business metric handling and flexible dashboards to enable full visibility into your business processes. Users create and interact with custom workflows, and are able to draw conclusions toward initiating meaningful changes to key business processes.

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